Access to Medicine

Timely access to new medicines saves lives, improves health outcomes, helps reduce healthcare costs, contributes to economic productivity, and makes Canada a more attractive destination for future investment and innovation.

The Problem

Two years is too long.

Canadian patients wait two years for access to approved new medicines through public drug plans. Patients in most peer countries get access to approved new medicines over one year sooner than Canadians.

The Impact

Canadians, our health systems & our economy pay the price.

Delays in patient access to medicines lead to:

  • Fewer life sciences investments, clinical trials, and drug launches;
  • Increased strain on health systems and health human resources; and
  • A missed opportunity to increase quality of life and improve health outcomes for Canadians.

The Opportunity

Faster access for all.

There are two immediate actions provincial and territorial governments can take to get Canadians much faster access to new medicines.

  1. Eliminate the 5-month delay between CDA and pCPA.
  2. Commit to listing new medicines on public drug plans within 30 days of a completed pCPA negotiation.

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Why Access Matters

Cervical cancer affects approximately 1,400 women in Canada annually

Why Access Matters

Approximately 9,000 Canadians are diagnosed with melanoma annually

Why Access Matters

Approximately 460,000 Canadians live with RA

Why Access Matters

Hepatitis C affects approximately 11,000 Canadians each year






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