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Clinical Trials Research Note

In many areas of high unmet patient need, early access to new medicines through clinical trials are the only option for Canadian patients. There are over 3,000 ongoing clinical trials in Canada which provide significant value to patients. Early access to innovative treatments improves health outcomes, increases quality of life, and gives hope to patients and their loved ones. Clinical trials also provide value to our healthcare system, research ecosystem, and economy.

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Cost Drivers Report 2023

Annual cost growth in Canada’s private drug benefit market is driven by increased utilization and chronic disease drugs, with an increase in claimants post‑pandemic.
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Value of Medicines in Canada

This study examines and quantifies the value of innovative treatments in Canada to patient lives, the healthcare system and to society. Case studies include: HPV vaccines, Melanoma treatments, treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hepatitis C.

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Developing a Canadian managed entry approach for new innovation: What can Canada learn from Europe?

Many new therapies coming to the market are not well served by the traditional drug reimbursement approaches currently employed by Canada’s public plans. A growing number of European regulatory authorities have been using novel managed entry agreements (MEA) and innovative access agreements (IAA) to accelerate approval times and improve availability to patients.

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Clinical Trials in Canada

The innovative pharmaceutical industry has sponsored over two-thirds of clinical trials initiated in Canada in the last 5 years and contributed over $15 billion to the Canadian economy annually.

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Innovative Access Arrangements and Managed Entry

A growing number of payers in many countries are looking to managed entry agreements (MEAs) and other innovative access arrangements (IAAs) to allow rapid access to medicines that address significant unmet needs.

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Increasing Access to Innovative Medicines

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the health landscape in Canada. While the federal government has demonstrated its ability to react to an unprecedented health crisis, doing so has also sharpened the focus on domestic capacity and innovation in the life sciences sector.

Throughout the pandemic, we could not be prouder of our members’ collaborative efforts worldwide. From the onset, they worked toward agreements with nations and competitors to increase manufacturing capacity and minimize pharmaceutical supply chain disruption. IMC members demonstrated the industry’s value to the world, as the critical importance of reliable access to medicines was brought into focus.

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