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At Innovative Medicines Canada, we offer sponsorship opportunities to facilitate research, generate awareness, create educational programs, and improve access to innovative medicines.

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At our most recent policy summit, we brought together key stakeholders in Canada’s private #health insurance industry to discuss the future of the sector, emphasizing the need to innovate to keep offering value of Canadians.
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We applaud @ONgov ongoing work towards strengthening the #LifeSciences sector and we’re committed to further collaboration with stakeholders. We look forward to seeing this strategy come to life!

IMC welcomes Ontario’s re-tabled 2022 Budget and the government’s investments in #lifesciences and innovation. We look forward to continuing to work with @ONgov to ensure Ontarians, and all Canadians, get timely access to medicines. #onpoli


Check out our recent post from @pcfralick at @innovativemeds as part of our “Building Resilience During International Crisis” editorial series.

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#IPRights #Covid19 #InnovationPolicy

In a recent article in @sciencepolicy, IMC President @pcfralick cautions that “IP waivers undervalue the very science, innovation and collaboration needed to prepare for tomorrow’s crises.” Read the full article:

Le #cancer du poumon est le cancer le plus fréquemment diagnostiqué dans le monde et, malheureusement, il présente l’un des pires taux de survie à cinq ans de tous les cancers, soit 19 % seulement, selon une nouvelle étude du @ConfBoardofCda. ESP :


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