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Innovative Agreements Framework

Many products coming to market are poorly served by traditional negotiation approaches. This document describes innovative agreements being used in jurisdictions outside Canada. We prepared it to guide discussions with the pCPA Governing Council on the merits of jointly developing an innovative agreements framework.

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2022 Code of Ethical Practices

Our Code of Ethical Practices guides the activities of all our members’ employees as they interact with stakeholders to commercialize prescription medicines (excluding medical devices and over-the-counter products). Adherence to the Code is a condition of membership.

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Drug Reimbursement Timeline by Stages 2019-2020

Source: IMC analysis of IQVIA International Reimbursement Comparison data and IQVIA Public Reimbursement data. CADTH and provincial listing timelines are for drugs with a pCPA LOI in the respective year. Provincial Listing is the average time from pCPA completed negotiation to provincial listing dates for drugs with a pCPA LOI. CADTH, pCPA, and provincial listing timelines are arithmetic averages.

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