Code of Ethical Practices

Since 1988, the Code of Ethical Practices has been a tangible demonstration of Innovative Medicines Canada’s commitment to a relationship based on trust, openness and transparency with healthcare providers.

The Code is our commitment to you. It establishes clear guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of Canadians is always our first priority.

New 2022 Code of Ethical Practices [download PDF]

Notice of Recent Changes to the IMC Code of Ethical Practices – Effective April 1, 2022

Amendments to IMC’s Code of Ethical Practices were approved by our Board of Directors.The key amendments to the Code include the following:

Learning Programs Supported by IMC Member Companies – Section 9

IMC member companies may support healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) learning activities. Before supporting learning activities, members must conduct a needs assessment to ensure there is a legitimate unmet learning need.

While the Code continues to reiterate that full editorial control remains with HCPs, if requested by presenting HCPs, members’ medical or education personnel may now provide fair, balanced and objective materials, as appropriate to meet the unmet learning need, to assist the HCP in developing their presentation.

The Code recognizes that sales representatives may perform logistical activities associated with learning programs. Members must now ensure there is appropriate internal oversight for those logistical activities. For accredited learning programs, sales representatives can perform logistical responsibilities in accordance with the National Standard. Also, the Code now clarifies that if member sales representatives attend learning activities, they must not participate in the discussion, and cannot detail, provide samples, or set up a booth.

Journal Clubs & Rounds Supported by IMC Member Companies – Section 12

The Code creates a set of applicable standards for members who provide support to journal clubs and rounds. All support provided to journal clubs and rounds must be provided by way of a grant which can be used by the program organizer to pay for expenses. In order to receive support from members, journal clubs and rounds must take place in an appropriate setting that is conducive to learning. If permitted by program organizers, members may attend these activities as observers.

Attending Virtual Meetings with IMC Member Companies From Home – Section 6

The Code clarifies that, while Member employees cannot hold in-person, face-to-face meetings with HCPs in a personal residence, the prohibition does not apply to when participants are attending a virtual meeting.