Stewart’s Story

Diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer at the age of 58, Stewart Campbell was left with some difficult choices. Since surgery or radiation would have only been qualified as palliative care, and because of the potential of unpleasant side effects, he chose medicine to control his prostate cancer. Stewart was offered the opportunity to participate in a phase 3 clinical trial for a new therapy, and he accepted.

His cancer has responded extremely well to the innovative medicine.

He has lived with cancer for 8 years and, thanks to continuing investment in targeted research, Stewart looks forward to the future new medicines that could become available.

“There’s a good chance I’ll still be living with this disease in 15 to 20 years. New drugs keep coming down the pipeline; innovative medicines are based on science and sound clinical trials,” said Stewart.

Innovative medicines give people like Stewart a chance to continue to enjoy their families, work and live fully. Clinical trials help save Canadian lives by providing access to new, potentially life-saving medications and therapies, while allowing healthcare professionals and hospitals to introduce innovative therapies.

“These new medicines gave me the opportunity to continue to be productive in my work and spend quality time with my family,” added Stewart.

Stewart now works with others living with prostate cancer to create awareness, educate and instill hope.