Innovation helps Canadians live longer and healthier lives.
Mr. Innovation takes you on a quick, under-3-minute journey to discover his beginnings, his major achievements in health and other fields, and major challenges ahead. How has innovation made strides in global health? Can innovation win the fight against life-threatening diseases? Watch and find out.


Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical companies invest up to $2 billion every year into research and development to find new ways of treating and curing illnesses and diseases. We know Canada has some of the best researchers and scientists in the world, and a vibrant life sciences sector. Some of the world’s greatest medical discoveries have come from Canadian scientists; insulin is a great example of how Canadian innovations change and save lives.

Our investments support local economies and offer Canadian doctors and hospitals access to innovative new therapies, allowing them to provide better care to Canadians.

At present, there are more than 500 new products in development in Canada, including therapies focused on cancer treatments, infectious diseases and vaccines. These products have the potential to help Canadians and people all over the world live longer and healthier lives.

While we’re working hard to continue medical research and development in our country, the reality is Canada only attracts approximately 1 per cent of pharmaceutical research and development investment in the world. Canada has an immense opportunity to attract foreign investment and more clinical trials but only if we support our industry and create a regulatory environment on par with the rest of the world.