IMC welcomes investments in life sciences sector, but more collaboration needed

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Ottawa, April 19, 2021–Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) issued the following statement in response to the 2021 Federal Budget.

“Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) welcomes the federal government’s acknowledgment in Budget 2021 that a stronger life sciences sector can contribute to a more resilient Canada and healthier Canadians. We are equally supportive of the investments intended to strengthen Canada’s biomanufacturing capacity to improve long-term pandemic preparedness. Building on these investments, we look forward to working with the government on a comprehensive approach toward a stronger life sciences sector, including a commitment to work collaboratively toward this goal.

“While we recognize the government is focused on the near-term urgency of emerging from the current pandemic, Canadians’ longer-term health and well-being will depend on a comprehensive life sciences strategy, more predictable regulatory systems, and increased patient access to new innovative medicines and treatments.

“As well, and as highlighted by the federal government, healthcare systems are facing substantial backlogs that require time and resources to clear. Our industry welcomes further discussions with Canadian governments with respect to the role it can play in providing innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and resiliency of our healthcare systems.

“Canada has the expertise, experience, and knowledge to build a stronger life sciences sector, but this will require a meaningful dialogue between government, industry, and other stakeholders. We are calling on the federal government to join our industry in a roundtable discussion about the path forward to a national strategy which would build a more vibrant life sciences sector and enhance the health and well-being of all Canadians.”

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Innovative Medicines Canada is the national voice of Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical industry. We advocate for policies that enable the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative medicines and vaccines that improve the lives of all Canadians. We support our members’ commitment to being valued partners in the Canadian healthcare system.

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