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Side Effects Include:

A healthier Canada. Through collaboration in pharmaceutical innovation, we’re creating positive impacts nationwide – from advanced treatments to economic growth.

By working together to increase access to innovative medicines, vaccines, and treatments for patients, Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical industry is having a positive impact on communities from coast-to-coast-to coast. Together, we continue to have a direct impact on Canada’s total health and the side effects are worth hearing about.

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More Clinical Trials.
Better Total Health.

Clinical trials offer access to cutting-edge treatments and vaccines that can significantly improve – and sometimes even save – Canadians’ lives. The innovative pharmaceutical industry has sponsored over two-thirds of clinical trials initiated in Canada in the last 5 years. The industry is partnering to close the gap and ensure Canadians can access the best possible treatments and the total health they deserve.

Contributing to the Economy.

Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical industry proudly supports over 100,000 high-value jobs, sponsors thousands of clinical trials, invests $2.4 billion in research and development, and adds nearly $16 billion to the Canadian economy each year.

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State-of-the-Art Treatments.

The innovative pharmaceutical industry is built around innovation and creating treatments that improve patient outcomes. New medicines and vaccines save lives, reduce strain on our healthcare system, and benefit our economy.

Our goal is to reduce the time it takes to deliver innovative treatments. Now, we just need to work together, while driving the much-needed change required to have faster access and improved quality of life for all Canadians.

Invested in Canada’s Communities.

We continue to focus on the development of health care innovation opportunities that help support local communities. By collaborating with health policy makers and building long-lasting partnerships, the innovative pharmaceutical industry is committed to being a key partner in nurturing and growing Canada’s health and life sciences ecosystems.

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