The Prix Galien Canada – Product Innovation Award

Presented to a drug that has made the most significant overall contribution to patient care in Canada.


The Prix Galien Canada – Innovative Product Award is presented every year to the company that has developed a drug product launched on the Canadian market and judged by the Jury to have made the most significant overall contribution to patient care in Canada in terms of efficacy, safety, benefits and innovation.


The Prix Galien Canada – Innovative Product Award will be presented to a drug, launched at least 12 months ago and no more than 60 months (5 years) ago, that has made the most significant overall contribution to patient care in Canada, according to the Jury of Prix Galien Canada.

  • The product is considered a “break-through” rather than a derivative of an already existing agent
  • The product has made a most significant overall contribution to patient care in Canada in terms of efficacy, safety, benefits, and innovation
  • The product has a major impact on standards of care

If applicable, the candidate will detail the Canadian contribution to the discovery and/or development of the product and to the contribution to publications related to the product.


For the purpose of Prix Galien Canada, the Jury will use the definition of “drug” in the Food and Drug Act. “Drug” includes any substance or mixture of substances manufactured, sold or represented for use in:

  1. The diagnosis treatment, mitigation or prevention of a disease, a disorder, an abnormal physical state or the symptoms thereof, in humans and animals;
  2. Restoring, correcting or modifying organic functions in humans or animals;
  3. Disinfection in premises in which food is manufactured, prepared or kept.

It must be stressed that to be considered, the drug product must bear a Drug Identification Number (D.I.N.)

Prix Galien Canada guarantees that all information will be held in strict confidentiality and will be available only to parties involved in the adjudication of the award.


Applications should not exceed fourteen (14) pages, and must include:

  • The completed submission form signed by an authorized Officer of the Company.
  • A cheque in the amount of $2500 (plus applicable taxes) made out to the Health Research Foundation.
  • Five (5) published original articles including no more than one review article may also be submitted as an Appendix.


The Jury of the Prix Galien Canada is composed of eminent specialists involved in the sphere of Canadian and Pharmaceutical Research. The Jury is completely independent and its decisions are final.

Dr. Ernesto L. Schiffrin – Chair of the Jury

Distinguished James McGill Professor, Department of Medicine, McGill University,

Director, Hypertension and Vascular Research Unit, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research,

Director, Cardiovascular Prevention Centre and

Physician-in-Chief Emeritus, Sir Mortimer B. Davis-Jewish General Hospital

Dr. Helen Burt

Associate Vice President Research & International at UBC

Angiotech Professor of Drug Delivery in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC

Dr. Brian O’Rourke

Chair, HTA Steering Committee, Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science (CIRS)

Member of the Scientific Advisory Council, Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science (CIRS)

President, Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)

Colonel Commandant (Honorary), Royal Canadian Medical Service

Emeritus Member, Canadian Health Leadership Network

Dr. Jill M. Sanders Award of Excellence in Health Technology Assessment

Former President and CEO, CADTH

Dr. Chantal Pharand

Associate Vice-Rector, Student Affairs and Success,

Prix Pharmacien de cœur et d’action en recherche

AFPC-Janssen Innovation in Education Award,

ACCP-Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Cardiovascular Research Award

Université de Montréal

Fellow Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec

Dr. Kishor M. Wasan

Kishor M. Wasan, R.Ph., Ph.D., FAAPS, FCAHS, FCSPS

Fellow Canadian Academic of Health Sciences

Fellow, American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Distinguished University Scholar & Adjunct Professor

Co-Director/Co-Founder, Neglected Global Diseases Initiative-UBC

Department of Urologic Sciences Faculty of Medicine The University of British Columbia

Chief Medical and Scientific Officer,

Skymount Medical US Inc.

Former Dean and Retired Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Don Weaver

Neurologist and medicinal chemist at the Krembil Research Institute, University Health Network, University of Toronto

Queen’s University

Dalhousie University

PhD in organic chemistry

Co-founder, Neurochem Inc. and Treventis Corp.

His research is focused on the design and development of new chemical entities for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Previous winner of the Prix Galien Canada prize



Comirnaty (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA)


Takhzyro (lanedelumab injection) Takeda Canada Inc.


Patisiran (ONPATTRO) Alnylam Pharmaceuticals


Dr. Susan George, Dr. Brian O’Dowd, Dr. Gregory A. Demopulos, Dr. George A. Giatanaris, Dr. Alexander Gragerov
SHINGRIX (Recombinant Zoster Vaccine) GSK


SACUBITRIL/VALSARTAN (Entresto) Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.


Dr. Ernesto Shiffrin (McGill University)
KEYTRUDA (pembrolizumab) Merck Canada


Dr. Philip F. Halloran OC, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FRSC
HARVONI (Sofosbuvir/Ledipasvir) Gilead Sciences Canada
ENTYVIO (Vedolizumab) Takeda Canada


Dr. John Kelton, Dr. Theodore Warkentin
afatinib (Giotrif) (Boehringer-Ingelheim Canada)


Dr. Brett Finlay (University of British Columbia)
PIRFENIDONE (ESBRIET) InterMune Canada (Roche))


Dr. Francis Allan Plummer (University of Manitoba)
(YERVOY) IPILIMUMAB (Bristol Myers Squibb Canada)


Dr. Robert E. W. Hancock (University of British Columbia)
INCIVEK (TELAPREVIR) (Vertex Canada Ltd) 


Dr. Pieter R. Cullis (University of British Columbia)
PRADAX (Boehringer Ingelheim Canada)


Dr. Julio S. G. Montaner (BC Center for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)
STELARA (Janssen-Ortho)


Dr. Donald F. Weaver (University of Dalhousie)
CHAMPIX  (Pfizer Canada inc.)


Dr. Daniel J. Drucker (University of Toronto)
GARDASIL (Merck Frosst Canada)


Dr. Michael Hayden (University of British Columbia)


Dr. Harold Jennings (National Research Council Canada)


Dr. Lorne Babiuk (University of Sakatchewan)  


Dr. Paul Armstrong (Faculty of medecine, University of Alberta)
SPIRIVA (Boehringer Ingelheim Canada)


Dr. Mark A. Wainberg (Jewish General Hospital – Sir Mortimer B. Davis)
GLEEVEC (Novartis Pharma Canada)


Drs. Julia Levey and David Dolphin (University Of British Columbia) and (Ex Aequo) Dr Antony J. Pawson (University Of Toronto)
ENBREL (Wyeth-Ayerst Canada)


Dr. Salim Yusuf (Research Centre of the Hamilton Civic Hospital)
VIAGRA (Pfizer)


Montelukast Sodium Research Team (Merck Frosst)
SINGULAIR (Merck Frosst)


Dr. Jack Hirsh (Research Centre of the Hamilton Civic Hospital)
LIPITOR (Parke-Davis Canada)


Drs. Lorne Tyrrell and Morris Robin (University Of Edmonton, Alberta)
FOSAMAX (Merck Frosst Canada)


Drs. Serge Gauthier, Judes Poirier and Rémi Quirion (Mcgill University and Research Centre of the Douglas Hospital)
3TC (découvert par BioChem Pharma et développé par Glaxo Wellcome)


Antiviral Compounds Research Team (Biochem Pharma)
SABRIL (Marion Merrell Dow)


Dr. Peter Schiller (IRCM)
RISPERDAL (Janssen Pharmaceutical)


Drs. Philip Seeman, Hyman Niznik and Hubert Van Tol (University Of Toronto)
IMMITREX (Glaxo Canada)


Prix Galien Canada

Health Research Foundation (HRF) of Innovative Medicines Canada
55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1220, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L5

Wilma Deen, Executive Director, Health Research Foundation (HRF)

International Contact:


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