May 22-31 is Canadian Innovation Week

Posted on May 24, 2018

From the discovery of insulin to advances in stem cell research, Canadians have made significant scientific contributions, revolutionizing health outcomes not only within Canada, but around the world. Innovative medicines and vaccines have led to an increase in life expectancy resulting in healthy, fulfilling lives.

Our health ecosystem is enviable—Canada is home to some of the best researchers, scientists and research infrastructure around the world, with pharmaceutical companies, universities and research centres partnering to push the boundaries of medical discovery.

The innovative pharmaceutical industry annually produces a strong economic footprint by supporting more than 30,000 Canadians with high-quality, well-paying jobs; generating $19 billion in economic activity; and investing 10% of revenues ($1.2 billion) into Canadian research and development.

Across Canada, there are over 500 innovative therapies in development, including treatments for cancer, infectious diseases and new vaccines.

Currently, there are more than 4500 clinical trials taking place across the country—a 40 per cent increase since 2015 and a number we need to keep growing. Clinical trials are the cornerstone of our efforts to develop innovative treatments that will improve and save lives. By building on our clinical research strengths, we hope to pave the way for Canada to become a go-to clinical trial destination—sparking further discovery, economic growth and better healthcare.

We are inspired for the future of Canadian healthcare; we look forward to building strong partnerships and working collaboratively with healthcare stakeholders on the evolution of our health systems. Working with our partners, we will promote a vibrant life sciences economy and the discovery of vital new medicines and vaccines, enhance sustainability within our health system, and, ultimately, ensure Canadians have timely access to world-class therapies for years to come.

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