April 3-9 is Health Ethics Week in Canada

Posted on April 6, 2017

At Innovative Medicines Canada, we believe we are stronger when we work with our partners. We recognize the importance of ethics within our industry and believe trust and confidence are key to building strong, productive and mutually beneficial relationships.

Since 1988, our Code of Ethical Practices has been a tangible demonstration of our commitment to a relationship based on trust, openness and transparency with healthcare providers. It establishes clear guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of Canadians is always our priority.

In addition, we worked with key Canadian healthcare stakeholders to develop the Canadian Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration, which provides guidance on clinical trials, continuing health education, conferences, accountability and funding.

On a global scale, Canada has taken a leadership role for ethical practices in the global pharmaceutical industry.

The global Consensus Framework engages key stakeholders in discussions related to ethics and shared principles and promote organizations’ common approaches to ensuring high quality patient care. Key priorities within the framework include putting patients first; supporting ethical research and innovation; ensuring independence and ethical conduct; and promoting transparency and accountability. It also establishes a method for industry to collaborate and develop a framework for health organizations wishing to build their own ethical guidelines.

We have positioned Canada as a world leader on ethical standards and are proud to have set a high standard for ethical, transparent and open practices that respect the relationships between our member company employees, the life sciences sector, healthcare professionals and the Canadian public.

Chrisoula Nikidis is Vice President, Ethics, Integrity & Governance at Innovative Medicines Canada.

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  1. France Lebel says:

    What an accomplishment to have positioned Canada as world leader. We should all be proud of the level of ethical practices we have here in Canada.

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